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Probar Meal: Chocolate Coconut 12/3oz
Smooth coconut flavors and crispy crunch compliment the light chocolate flavor perfectly balanced in..
SND#: 853168
MSRP: $3.58
Probar Meal: Original Blend 12/3oz
The Original Blend tastes like your favorite trail mix in a bar. It is a delectable combination of w..
SND#: 853116
MSRP: $3.58
Probar Meal: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 12/3oz
Which is better… peanut butter or chocolate? You can enjoy both with the ooey-gooey Peanut Butter ..
SND#: 853185
MSRP: $3.58
Probar Meal: Superberry & Greens 12/3oz
Superberry & Greens has a rich, healthful greens blend with spinach, spirulina, broccoli and more ve..
SND#: 853199
MSRP: $3.58
Probar Meal: Superfood Slam 12/3oz
Superfood Slam is a nutritional powerhouse. Our organic acai berries, pure raspberries, dark chocola..
SND#: 853178
MSRP: $3.58
Probar Meal: Wholeberry Blast 12/3oz
The Wholeberry Blast bar is made with a delicious almond butter base and delivers a harvest taste in..
SND#: 853123
MSRP: $3.58
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