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TAOS Mountain

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TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Almond Agave 12/2.4oz
Almond Agave Sometimes a little rebellion is healthy in a family, and Almond Agave is our little ..
SND#: 913195
MSRP: $2.89
TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Caramel Pecan 12/2.2oz
Caramel Pecan Our Caramel Pecan bar has a big personality. It’ll draw you in with its sweet exter..
SND#: 913126
MSRP: $2.89
TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Chocolate Butterscotch 12/2.4oz
Chocolate Butterscotch You probably associate chocolate with junk food, but our Chocolate Buttersco..
SND#: 913196
MSRP: $2.89
TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Maple Praline 12/2oz
SND#: 913113
MSRP: $2.89
TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Piñon Coffee 12/2oz
Piñon Coffee There's a new kid in town, and we can't stop talking about it. Piñon Coffee lives up..
SND#: 913110
MSRP: $2.89
TAOS Mountain Energy Bar Toasted Coconut 12/2.2oz
Toasted Coconut At TMEbar, we don’t waste time worrying about trying to fit in. Our Toasted Coconut..
SND#: 913198
MSRP: $2.89
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